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Professor Dr Chin Leo

This journal invites manuscript submissions from researchers and practitioners based on their recent contributions to the understanding and advancement in engineering, construction and computing. The contributions could be in the form of experimental techniques, theoretical and numerical modelling, technologies and methodologies, latest practices and field applications or a hybrid of the above. Manuscripts dealing with original and/or educational work or practices in engineering, construction and computing are welcome. The journal publishes full-length papers which must be less than 12 pages in length according to the established format (see paper format section).

Journal Theme

(Topics of either theoretical or applied interest include, but are not limited to:)

Water Engineering

Flood hydrology
Regional flood frequency analysis
Flood forecasting
Stochastic hydrology
Rainfall runoff modelling
Urban hydrology
Climate change impacts on water resources
Social hydrology
Rainwater harvesting
Flood plain management
Water resources management
Rainfall estimation
Artificial intelligence based modelling in water and environmental engineering

Geomechanics and Geoenvironmental Engineering

Soil testing and investigation
Shallow and deep foundations
Tunnels and underground works
Constitutive modelling of soils
Geosynthetics and ground improvements
Geoenvironmental engineering
Buried infrastructures
Numerical methods and back analysis
Landslides and slope stability
Retaining structures
Structural Engineering Research

Building structures, bridge structures and underground structures
Novel hybrid structural systems and composites structures
Large scale and complex infrastructure and spatial structures
Earthquake engineering
Structural wind engineering
Structural fire engineering
Advanced structural experimental techniques
Theories and methods of structural analysis
Performance-based design
Advanced sensor networks, structural monitoring and control
Disaster-prevention and hazard mitigation for infrastructure
Construction monitoring and control for large-scale structures
Reliability and durability of structures
Structural rehabilitation, retrofitting and strengthening
Structural identification and damage detection
Other areas of structural engineering
Mineral Engineering and Material Science

Mineral processing
Extractive metallurgy
Mining and environment
Industrial minerals
Particulate science and technology
Advanced materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, composites)
Functional and smart materials (electrical, optical, magnetic)
Energy materials (conversion, harvesting, storage)
Nanostructures and nanomaterials
Materials synthesis and characterisation
Multiscale modelling and simulation
Process control and optimisation
Computer Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Deep Learning
Pattern Recognition
Computer Graphics
Low- Level Vision and Image processing
Motion and Tracking
Statistical Methods and Learning
Performance Evaluation
Computational Photography, Sensing and Display
Biomedical Image Analysis
Video Analysis and Event Recognition
Genetic and Evolutionary computing
Data Classification, Regression and Cleaning
Construction Project Management and Construction Engineering

Construction Technology
Sustainable construction
Water use in construction
Construction safety
Infrastructure engineering
Bridge and road construction
Airport construction
Construction material
Fire retardant material
Fire protection and safety
Contract administration
Construction regulations
Asset management
Building Information Modelling
Computer aided drawing
Advancements in Engineering Education

Technology in Engineering Education
Engineering Education Delivery and Development
Engineering Curriculum Development
Ethics and Sustainability in Engineering Education
Collaboration with Industry
Occupational Health and Safety Education
Engineering Education, Technology and Society
Cross Disciplinary Endeavours
Role of professional societies
Introducing engineering standards
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